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I got in touch with Justyna from VOP Styling in January and she invited me to come along to an event she was having in the Central Hotel Dublin on January 26th 2020.

Justyna has a goal to ‘I have an intense passion for empowering women in the workplace and also within their personal lives through encouraging change and self belief. 

Justyna was running one of her ‘Style it up’ Workshops and afterwards she transformed women using a team of professional hair, make up and designers. 

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Saraden Designs was invited along to the event to collaborate with Justyna’s Vision. I brought along a selection of my Millinery designs to use for the photo shoot.

I always love to go along with my designs to the photo shoots. You meet a new selection of people, from the models to the photographer and also I have the chance to catch up with Make up artist Nora who I had previously worked alongside in Birmingham. 

Also I like to shoot behind the scenes shots of what is going on to have for myself but also to give everyone an insight into what it is like to be a designer and what actually happens.

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