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As much a girl insists she doesn’t want anything for Valentines do not fall into the trap of not getting anything! Whether its a small gesture of a card and her favourite flower or something silly that only the two of you would appreciate, acknowledge the day! I have come up with some idea’s to help you along the way some are more obvious than others but are cute all the same. 

Alex and Ani - Valentines ideasAlex and Ani €36

Jewellery is always a good option. Personally I am not a really fancy jewellery person, that is why I chose this Alex and Ani ring! I have a thing for rose gold and I think the ring is super cute, regardless of it being Valentines I’ll be getting myself this ring.

Alexander McQueen - Valentines GiftsAlexander McQueen €65

If you aren’t sure what to get for your partner then stick to what she likes. Every girl has a signature perfume and you definitely cannot go wrong with getting her favourite perfume. 

Customised socks - Valentines giftsPersonalised Cocks €18

I would probably be the first to look at these and go OMG vom! Buttttt I do think there is something cute about them and the bonus is she will have warm feet!

Asos - Valentine GiftsAsos €40

Not every girl wants the traditional flowers or chocolates but would appreciate a fab new handbag! I think this is super cute, its affordable, the floral pattern is on trend and it can be delivered in time for Valentines.

Dublin Zoo - Valentines PresentsDublin Zoo Date €75 per couple

I think this is a cute date so 100 couples have the opportunity to go to Dublin Zoo and collect a breakfast picnic and see all the sights of the early morning zoo activities. Keepers will be giving talks on the animal romantic rituals and you will get a romantic goodie bag and key ring at the end. It is a unique date and something you will probably never do again. It’s only €75 per couple for the event, so if you think your partner would like this get I’d get booking ASAP!

Moet - Valentines GiftsMoet €58

Again this mightbe more of a personal choice but I do love a good glass of Champagne. So if your partner loves her champagne then why not get her what she loves. It comes in a presentation box so it makes it look even more expensive. 

Ryanair - Valentines gifts

Ryanair from €9.99

If you really want to spoil her then why not whisk her away for a few days. Flights are from €9.99 on Ryanairs website at the moment so it’s worth a little look plus who doesn’t love a mini break.

Funky Pigeon - Valentines ideasFunky Pigeon from €2.99

I have gotten cards from this sites for different events over the years and I think they are a brilliant site. The cards can be anything you want them to be and make them as funny or romantic as you want.

 So they are a few little gift idea’s for you to give her. If you click on the pictures they will lead you directly to the items in the pictures. Another good idea is to cook her idea, even if you literally burn toast it shows you have made an effort and it will be appreciated. Happy Shopping!! x

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