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The Warriors Within Collective

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Saraden Designs Published
The Warriors Withing Collective - Self Portrait series featuring Sarah O' Rourke wearing Saraden Designs Millinery Pieces

About The Warriors Within collective

We are a structured collective devoted to the examination and study of art and politics from a female perspective and that by making art, our identities as women play a huge role.

As women, we are aware that historically the connections between our lives, our arts and our ideas have been suppressed. Once these connections are clarified, they can function as a means to dissolve the alienation between artist and audience. We are not committed to any particular style or aesthetic, nor to the competitive mentality that pervades the art world. Our view is that of CHANGE, and we feel that we can foster change in the meaning of art. We hope to answer questions about how it feels to openly embrace and to share our own contemplations, and intuitive knowledge about the role of women on this planet, how it feels to gain a sense of direction, how to motivate energy, strength and courage during human oppression and planetary destruction. Some say they find these answers within themselves, others say it is external. Some feel it in the ocean, the moon, a tree, the flight of a bird or in the constant stream of coincidences in everyday life. No matter where you find this inner strength, it has, in some way helped you deal with life. 

Few will deny the female struggle and the reality of its existence. We invite you, as readers and creators, to not only take in the many thoughts and ideas that are included but to consider them in light of our ever- expanding consciousness. We hope that The Warriors Within Collective will stimulate great dialogue, encourage healing,  and generate new creative bonds among women. It is a place where diversity can be articulated as we broaden and define the function of art. 

The Warriors Withing Collective - Self Portrait series featuring Sarah O' Rourke wearing Saraden Designs Millinery Pieces

Saraden Designs- by Sarah O’ Rourke

My name is Sarah O’ Rourke and I am the owner of Saraden Designs Millinery Atelier. I am an Irish designer and my brand is a slow fashion brand that embraces sustainable production. I support the idea of creating, designing, and buying pieces for quality and longevity. Emphasis is put on the art of the design and celebrating the skills involved.

These pieces are all pieces of wearable art, my background is in sculpture and I feel sculpture is echoed throughout my designs. I chose to portray these images in black and white as I feel there is a certain beauty in black and white images. Also colour can sometimes be distracting and I felt by removing the colours we could focus mainly on the structure and beauty of the shapes.

These are all self-portraits. I chose to portray myself in the images as I am often told I cannot do it all and I have to choose between the businesswoman, the designer, and the model. In fact, I can do it all, I am a strong powerful woman who can turn her hand to anything, and as long as I am here I will continue to do what I want and not have others dictate to me.

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