Dotty – Saraden Designs

‘Dotty’ is a gorgeous design by Saraden Designs. The white and black tones create a gorgeous colouring that will really match any outfit you may be looking to match with it. Dotty This is a floral design with a rose being the inspiration for the design. Each rose has been

Delilah – Saraden Designs

‘Delilah’ is a gorgeous floral piece created by Saraden Designs. Each floral element has been sculpted by hand and then secured into its shape through hand sewing. Delilah The purple and yellow colouring works beautifully together and the colours complement each other tremendously. The colours have been echoed in the

Bouquet – Saraden Designs

‘Bouquet’ is a beautiful piece which has been designed using small roses sculpted by hand with fabric. There is an array of colours from blues and pinks shades to greens and white. Bouquet This piece will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and can be matched with a

Blackberry – Saraden Designs

‘Blackberry’ is a one of a kind piece which has been 100% created using Saraden Designs Handmade fabric. Pink and gold fibres have been combined in the fabric making process to give the fabric its unique colouring. This design can never be 100% replicated due its fabric uniqueness. Blackberry This

London Fashion Weekend – Trend Show

I had the best weekend of my life at London Fashion Weekend! Way back in February I was given a present of a trip to London Fashion Weekend by my BFF Stephen, fast forward to this weekend and we flew out to London for the event. On Saturday September 24th