It feels like forever since the last A Fabulous Market, the snow was a slight inconvenience last month but I am happy to say I will be at the next on on April 7th. I am hoping if my design is back from London Hat Week on time I can

London hat week 2018 – gallery

the great hat exhibition 2018 Evolution – SaradenDesigns – London Hat Week 2018 – Sarah O’ RourkeEvolution – SaradenDesigns – London Hat Week 2018 – Sarah O’ Rourke Sarah & Margaret O’ Rourke – London Hat Week 2018Sarah & Margaret O’ Rourke – London Hat Week 2018 Evolution – SaradenDesigns

Designing for the future: trends we need to consider now

Design is a very vast word which umbrellas a very wide range of arts, crafts, textiles, fashion, etc. As forward as some may come across in the design world others are very much stuck in the past. I myself am a designer. My designs begin with handmade fabrics I make

The Shade of Burgundy – Saraden Says

Burgundy is one of those colours that will look great on anyone and can be worn daytime or night time. I have found various different websites have different shades of burgundy some are more red burgundy and some are more plum burgundy. Either way I have been on the hunt

London Fashion Weekend – Designer Show Sibling London – Saraden Says

So leaving off from the Trend Shows section we had about an hour to wait for the Designer Show to begin and much to our delight again we were second row. Honestly I didn’t know anything about Sibling London but after seeing the show and the designs I’m sold I’m

London Fashion Weekend – Trend Show

I had the best weekend of my life at London Fashion Weekend! Way back in February I was given a present of a trip to London Fashion Weekend by my BFF Stephen, fast forward to this weekend and we flew out to London for the event. On Saturday September 24th