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the great hat exhibition 2018 Evolution – SaradenDesigns – London Hat Week 2018 – Sarah O’ RourkeEvolution – SaradenDesigns – London Hat Week 2018 – Sarah O’ Rourke Sarah & Margaret O’ Rourke – London Hat Week 2018Sarah & Margaret O’ Rourke – London Hat Week 2018 Evolution – SaradenDesigns

Saraden Designs Attends London Hat Week Preview Party to view Warrior

Thursday morning began a tad bit early, as in 2.30am early. The excitement though got me out of bed so I was happy enough to get up dressed and on the plane. I brought my mam along with me for the trip as without her I never would have learnt

Saraden Designs – London Hat Week Debut Press Release

Irish born milliner Sarah O’ Rourke from Saraden Designs is absolutely delighted to announce that she has been chosen as one of the 130 worldwide milliners to have a design exhibited at London Hat Week. The design which was chosen is called ‘Warrior’ and will be exhibited from October 7th –

My Piece For London Hat Week

  The big reveal is finally here! The piece that was chosen to be exhibited at London Hat Week is Warrior. Each designer had to follow guidelines when submitting their pieces. The design had to be either inspired by a ‘painter, film or architecture, created hats with the help of a