Oceanic Nature Millinery by Irish Milliner Sarah O' Rourke


Oceanic Nature SS20 Collection


Irish born Sarah O’ Rourke is the owner Saraden Designs Millinery. Sarah presented a 10 piece Millinery SS20 Collection for Leicester Fashion week on November 10th 2019. The show was held in The Mercure Leicester The Grand Hotel, on November 10th 2019.

Sarah created a theme called Oceanic Nature for this collection. Beginning with words oceanic and nature, Sarah examined the physics, chemistry and biology of marine systems. This was to help her understand the movement of the sea and the elements below the water before she began designing.

Nature could be interpreted in many ways. The nature of the ocean, its creatures, the movements and the nature that surround us in everyday life.

The colours of the ocean and the colours of nature are very similar. Both use blues, greens, greys. These were the primary colours chosen to use in this collection. 

Saraden bespoke fabrics were created in house by Sarah. They were sculpted into the desired designs. Sarah’s sculptural background has influenced each of these pieces. They have all been shaped by hand and secured through hand stitching methods. Each is an intricate piece of art and captures the elements of the theme.

Sarah created her bespoke dresses to compliment the designs. They are simple yet elegant keeping the focus on her millinery designs.

Oceanic Nature Millinery by Irish Milliner Sarah O' Rourke