Sewn Illustrations

Sewn Illustrations

In the middle of 2017, Saraden Designs expanded its collection to include Sewn Illustrations. This was both a business and creative decision. Whilst attending events Sarah discovered Millinery is a niche market and not every person wants a Millinery Design. She felt that it might be a good idea to expand her collection to include another line whilst using her already developed skills.



Ballet – Sewn Illustration


Sarah began experimenting with a variation of Sewn Illustrations during her time in IADT. She already had the creation knowledge but Sarah literally had to sit down and think hard about what illustrations to choose. The whole process has been a learning curve and Sarah is continually adding new designs to the line.  


Sewn Illustrations – Fierce

Sewn Illustrations are created by making a sheet of fabric and then the image is sewn into the fabric. Sarah uses both machine and hand stitching techniques to create each piece. Her pieces are often mistaken for drawings or etching and she explains to each client that they are in fact sewn illustrations. 


Medium frame

Sarah tries to create images which relate to a wide audience. She has now created various sewn illustrations in different frame shapes and frame styles. Sarah has also created a greeting card line which again uses sewn illustrations on the front of the cards suitable for various occasions. 


Greeting Cards

Sarah creates customised Sewn Illustrations and cards for clients. She can add, names, dates, locations etc to them. Clients also request personalised images from fun coffee designs to a very popular mystical creatures. These Illustrations are unusual, one of a kind and make beautiful gifts for weddings, baby showers, christening, birthdays etc.


Customised Sewn Illustration

If you would like to know more about Saraden Designs Sewn Illustrations or a customised piece you can get in touch here