Saraden Designs @ London Hat Week Preview Party 2018

The Great Hat Exhibition

I have a new found love for London as I have been there a few times over the past month. This trip was to attend London Hat Weeks Preview Party in The Pancras Living Center in London. 

For this event I knew I wanted to stand out so I created a piece called ‘Berries’ that really made an impression. I used red and black Saraden Handmade Fabric to create the main body of the design and finished it with handmade black and red bead balls and black crystals. The piece defiantly made a statement which is what I wanted and it received some high praise which from fellow milliners is a huge compliment. 

I went with a simple black body suit and skirt for my outfit so my design was the focus point and added red shoes and clutch for a pop of colour. The even itself was fabulous with canapes and drinks for all the milliners to enjoy.

I brought my mum over with me for the few days i London, she also wore one of my designs to the event and received high compliments also which I was thrilled with. 

Only 15 people were allowed in at one time to the exhibition space but when we did get into the room is was phenomenal to see everyone’s designs in one space together. I heard some speak about my design and it was all positive which was lovely to hear.

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