Millinery – Teacup


‘Teacup’ is a one of a kind piece which has been designed using Saraden Designs Handmade Fabric called Saraden Fabric. This fabric has been created 100% by hand using various techniques and fibers. Once made the fabric is shaped, cut and sewn into the desired design. Sarah herself has spent hours sculpting this intricate design.

The structure itself was inspired by an afternoon tea Sarah attended. The shape reminded her of the teacup shapes hence the name. The fabric colour is tangerine with cream and red running through it. There is a large selection of Emu feather in various complimentary colours cascading from the center of the piece which fall beautifully when worn and the piece is finished with crystal detailing. There is a comb to secure this piece to your head.

It is a perfect Piece for a wedding, tea party or any other special occasion. All Saraden Design pieces are unique to their owners so you never have to fear somebody else turning up in the same design.

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