Millinery – Flapper


‘Flapper’ is a one of a kind piece which has been completely designed using Saraden Designs Handmade Fabric. This is a lightweight silver and white fabric with metallic qualities which could suit a bride beautifully. Various techniques and fibers have been implemented in production and the fabric.

Each piece of fabric has been folded in an intricate design and have each then been hand sewn into place. A layering effect has given the design its full bodied effect. The design is finished with a pearl button in the middle and is secured to the head with a comb.

It is a perfect Piece for a wedding, tea party or any other special occasion. All my designs are unique to their owners so you never have to fear somebody else turning up in the same design.


Flapper- Millinery - Saraden Designs Flapper- Millinery - Saraden Designs Flapper - Millinery - Saraden Designs Flapper - Millinery - Saraden Designs


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