‘Madame’ is a one of a kind piece which has been designed using Saraden Designs Handmade Fabric, Saraden Fabric. This fabric has been created 100% by hand using various techniques and fibers. Once made the fabric is shaped, cut and sewn into the desired design. Sarah herself has spent hours sculpting this intricate design.

The design itself is inspired by the Celtic Love Knot and has captured it beautiful design. The knots are complete loops and have no beguinning or end which represents eternity whether this mean loyalty, faith, friendship or love. Only one thread is used in each design which symbolises how life and eternity are interconnected. Gold and black velvet buttons have been added to the design for embellishment to really draw the eye in. It is secured to the head using a large comb and elastic.

It is a perfect Piece for a wedding, tea party, ladies day at the races or any other special occasion. All Saraden Design pieces are unique to their owners so you never have to fear somebody else turning up in the same design.

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