Sarden Designs Millinery began as a hobby. Sarah began making designs for her family for a family wedding and she received such high praise for her designs that she began to think about making it more than a hobby. 

Each design begins with Sarah’s handmade fabric, which is called Saraden Fabric. Various fibres and fibre colours are used to create a sheet of fabric. Once a sheet of fabric is constructed it cannot be replicated making each design exclusive.


Saraden Fabric

Saraden Fabric

Sarah’s sculpture background has definitely played a part in her designs. She likes the flexibility if her fabric and also that it can be stiffened or can be left flexible. Depending on the finished product the weight of the fabric or pieces can change but for the most part Sarah’s designs are light in weight.

Sarah is often asked how she comes up with her Millinery Designs. They aren’t necessarily a planned out idea, if working with a client Sarah will listen to what they have in mind and work closely with them to achieve their perfect design.


Sequence Close up

Saraden Fabric & Emu feathering

When creating a ready made piece an idea usually comes to Sarah and she will begin construction. Sometimes the designs don’t work out as planned so Sarah has to rethink the design structure. She can be accused of being too much of a perfectionist with a design. If Sarah is not happy with design it will not be unveiled to the public.

Sarah’s first taste of success was in 2016 when she entered a piece called ‘Warrior’ into London Hat Week and was chosen as one of 130 Milliners worldwide to exhibit in London. You can read more about London Hat Week 2016 here.

Warrior - London Hat Week 2016


Again Sarah entered a design for London Hat Week 2018 called ‘Evolution’ and it was chosen from a worldwide selection to exhibit in March 2018. ‘Evolution’ was also chosen as one of thirty designs to be exhibited at London Hat Week’s Press day on February 22nd 2018. You can read more about how the ‘Evolution’ design was created here.

Evolution - London Hat Week 2018


2018 is proving to be a big year for Sarah, another Saraden Designs Design will be featured at Fashion Finests AW18 during London Fashion Week. The design is called ‘Flourish’ and is still under construction.

Fashionn Finest London Fashion Week

Fashion Finest AW18