London Hat Week Preview Party – What I Wore

I really struggled with what I was going to wear to London Hat Week and I wasn’t going to write about it but I’ve had a lot of emails asking where I got my shoes and dress so I’ve decided to do a little blog post and tell you all what I wore.

Warrior - Saraden Designs - London Hat Week Preview Party

Warrior – London HAt Week PreView Party

I searched and searched for a dress to wear and I really couldn’t find anything which was suitable or which I liked enough. I was cleaning out my wardrobe and found a dress I bought a few years ago in The Harlequin in Dublin City Center and I have literally worn it twice so I knew it was the dress.

London Hat Week - London Hat Week Preview Party

I also knew which head piece I wanted to wear so I basically dressed myself around it. It is a purple and gold piece with gold sequins and purple feathering. The fabric is all handmade by myself also and is finished off with a comb to secure it to my head.

London Hat Week - Warrior Design - London Hat Week Preview Party

As for the shoes, I bought these in New York back in 2011 for my graduation. I love these shoes and have only worn them twice before so knew they had to be worn plus they are purple and go with the head piece perfectly.

New York Shoes - London Hat Week Preview Party

My necklace was a gift for my birthday this year so I’m not sure where that is from and the belt is from Penneys because its not like my to no have something Penneys orientated on me. 

Necklace I wore to LHW - London Hat Week Preview Party

I feel that sometimes bloggers brag about all the new clothes they have and how expensive all their clothes are but if you really look in your wardrobe you can up cycle items you already own or buy a new dress and match it with existing shoes or the other way around. And for the finished look this was at the Exhibition on Thursday night, I do like to be unique and love one of a kind pieces so I was guaranteed that no one else would have my outfit.

Me at LHW 2016 - London Hat Week Preview Party

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