LMFM Interview with Gerry Kelly 21/11/2019

LMFM Interview - Saraden Designs - Sarah O' Rourke
Sarah O' Rourke and Gerry Kelly LMFM Interview

On Thursday November 21st 2019 I was invited up to Drogheda to the LMFM studio’s for an interview on air with Gerry Kelly. Gerry and I spoke about myself, Saraden Designs, what I do, how my fabric’s are made and my work with Project Fashion.

We also spoke about the upcoming Hi Style Awards this weekend Novemeber 23rd, where I am a finalist for Milliner of the Year 2019, so I am very excited about that. You can hear the full interview below.

Voting is now closed for the Histyle Awards so watch this space!

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