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Irish-born Sarah O’ Rourke of Saraden Designs has built an extensive design background throughout her years. Sarah began her design career at a young age, making clothes for her dolls and then began making her own clothes, some successful some not so much.

After completing the leaving cert Sarah went on to study Fashion and Textile Design. In some ways Sarah loved the course but she also met a lot of restrictions against how she could express herself through her designs. Sarah decided to choose another path began studying sculpture in IADT Dun Laoghaire. It was a complete change in direction and it was a tough experience but Sarah persevered and received her degree in Visual Arts Practice, sculpture.

Whilst in IADT Sarah created a new handmade fabric medium. With this fabric Sarah tried bridging the gap between the notorious Art vs Craft stigma which surrounds art colleges. In her fourth year Sarah used her handmade fabric as a base and sewed portraits into it. This was Sarah’s way of demonstrating portraits can successfully be created through craft based mediums. It was Sarah’s first taste of sewing portraits and little did she know it would become such a huge part of her business later down the road. 

After her time in IADT she continued to experiment with her new fabric medium. This essentially was the beginning of Saraden Designs



Various Saraden Fabric Samples

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