Flourish – London Fashion Week 2018 – Saraden Designs

Fashions Finest - Saraden Designs - Flourish
Fashions Finest - Saraden Designs - Flourish

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London Fashion Week is nearly here and finally I can reveal that my design ‘Flourish’ is finished and ready to make its way to London. This design has been challenging as I had the concept and colours in my head but when it came to making it I realised not only was my colour concept all wrong so was the design.

I loved my individual pieces I had made but together with the colour scheme it was basically a hot mess. So the original design went out the window, I had a oh holy crap moment but I used my imagination and created something beautiful and the design turned out even better than I imagined. 

The colours I originally chose were oranges, pinks and yellows and when I combined all the pieces together it looked terrible. I knew I needed to rethink my colour scheme. I removed the really strong yellows and oranges and replaced them with golds and browns. These two colour blends worked perfectly and I moved onto designing.

Each piece was cut into a leaf shape, folded in half and sewn closed. The original design was to create a full circle of these pieces and layer them up. It sounded good in theory but when I began pinning the design together I just thought no this isn’t working. Instead I tried doing a semi circle of the pieces layered and I literally had an ooooohhhhhh yes moment! 

Fashions Finest - Saraden Designs - Flourish


Fashions Finest - Saraden Designs - Flourish


I wanted the front of the piece to have a real eye catching focus point. I experimented with various mediums, like glue and wax and nothing was working.  If it’s not working the best thing to do is walk away and it will eventually come to you. I took 6 different colour beads which complimented the fabric colours and made them into circles. I then echoed my layering technique and layered these circle beads at the front of the design.

I am really happy with the outcome of ‘Flourish’ and it will be coming on the plane with me on Saturday over to London. The exhibition is in the and will be on Saturday and Sunday February 17th and 18th. I will be there to answer any questions about my work and I am looking forward to meeting everyone over the weekend.



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