Fashion Revolution Week 2020

Fashion Revolution Week 20th - 26th April 2020

Sarah O’ Rourke owner of Award winning Millinery Design Company Saraden Designs was spreading her message this week of #whomademyclothes during Fashion Revolution Week 2020.

Unfortunately all of the Fashion Revolution Week 2020 events were cancelled due to Corona Virus so new events were created online. Sarah also took her message online creating content to show the face behind the designs.

As all of the fabrics used in Saraden Designs creations are handmade in-house by Sarah herself that answers the question #whomademyfabric. All of the cutoffs from the fabrics are also reworked into the designs or used to create new sheets of fabric.

Sarah is also responsible for the assembly of each of her designs. They are all cut and shaped by hand and finally hand sewn together. This answers the question #whomademyhat.

Saraden Designs - Irish Millinery - #whomademyclothes


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