Exciting Millinery Design Announcement

I have some very exciting news to reveal. I entered two of my designs into a competition a few months ago and this morning I woke up to and email which revealed that I have been short listed for Bridport’s Milliners Competition. 

The design which has been shortlisted is Anise, pictured below. Anise has been constructed using Saraden handmade fabric. I combined two fibre colours together pink and gold which gave me the unusual shade of colouring. I then cut out each piece in a leaf shape with the point and the top, sealed the edges and rolled them into a cigar shape with the point at the top, I then secured them into place by hand stitching.


This final design was not the original design I had in mind. With the original idea, each piece was laid to form a half circle. I then intended on laying shorter pieces on top of the half circle and then another layer of shorter pieces. When I laid the half circle down I decided to continue it around into a full circle and filled in the gaps using the short pieces. I much preferred this design so decided to go with it.

The shape reminded me of the Anise spice you use in cooking hence the name Anise. The design has been finished by placing complimenting peach feathers in between each layer. I then used bronze beads to created a subtle focus point in the middle of the piece in the same shape as the hat.

I finished the design with a comb as I found a hairband didn’t work as well. Again my fabric is really light weight and you barely feel as if there is anything on your head, while still looking great.

On Saturday September 2nd the judges will make their final decision on the entries at The Bridport Hat Festival, more details can be found here. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me on the day!

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