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Saraden Designs, Millinery Atelier began in 2016 by Irish Milliner Sarah O’Rourke. Sarah is a Multi Award Winning Milliner who’s aim is to bring Millinery back to the fore front of Fashion. 


We are a slow fashion brand who embrace sustainable production processes, emphasise the art of how our pieces are made and celebrate the skills involved. 


Our pieces are not mass produced, they are all handmade in house by owner Sarah, she also hand makes all the fabrics used in her designs. All fabric cut offs are reworked back in the designs leaving no waste.


This attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship ensures that each piece is a true work of art, showcasing the beauty of Sarah’s millinery techniques. 

Sarah O' Rourke Owner of Saraden Designs Millinery Atelier, Irish Designer, Irish Milliner, Award Winning Designer

about sarah

Sarah began Saraden Designs with a vision of creating unique millinery pieces which really capture the eye of the audience. Her work distinguishes itself with her bold, unexpected materials and colour combinations while her love of fine art sculpture is peppered throughout with the inclusion of multimedia art & craft forms such as textile design & embroidery. Her unique blend of artistic flair and technical expertise has enabled her to craft intricate, one-of-a-kind millinery pieces that exude elegance and sophistication.

Sarah creates individual, bespoke. wearable art head pieces and hair jewellery pieces. She is a self taught Milliner who does not follow traditional millinery methods. The label itself focuses on sustainability and it is very important to Sarah that it is recognised that she alone handmakes and sculpts each design herself. This commitment to artisanal craftsmanship ensures that every piece is not only unique but also imbued with a sense of personality and character.

This attention to detail and commitment to eco-friendliness results in truly unique pieces that not only make a statement  but also tell a story. From concept to creation, every element is carefully considered to ensure that the final product is a testament to her passion for innovative design and dedication to reducing her environmental footprint. 


Sarah has a wide creative background and was trained classically in Visual Arts Practice & Sculpture Design in I.A.D.T Dun Laoghaire, Dublin. Since finishing formal education she honed her design skills bringing together her love of textile design and sculpture to create beautiful bespoke millinery pieces.  

It was in college where Sarah discovered how to craft her own fabrics and it led to a career in millinery Design. Sarah was chosen to exhibit in London Hat Week in 2016 along with a number of world wide milliners. She was again chosen to exhibit with them in 2018 and was selected to present her pieces during the official London Hat Week Press Launch. This led to Sarah showcasing her first Collection on the Runway during London Fashion Week 2018. 2022 saw Sarah chosen as a top 10 Milliner from 110 worldwide Milliners to again exhibit at London Hat Week. This time the Exhibition was in the Morley Gallery London amongst Stephen Jones Millinery who previously designed pieces for Diana Princess of Wales.

Sarah has won numerous awards over the past number of years, which is something she is immensely proud of. These accolades serve as a testament to her tireless efforts to push boundaries and drive innovation. 


The fabric

Saraden Fabric is a combination of various fibres. A selection of hand made fabrics are made inhouse by Sarah by combining various fibres together. The process itself is a trade secret as it is Sarah’s niche and what sets Saraden Designs apart from other Milliners. Once a sheet of fabric is created it cannot be replicated making each design bespoke. All cut offs are reworked back into designs leaving no waste, which is something Sarah prides herself in.


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Sarah does not mass produce any of her designs whether it is a ready – made or custom design or accessory. Millinery is a craftsmanship that takes hours of intricate detail to create a design. 

Wearable art is a term which has been used to describe my work and is a term I warmly welcome. With my background in sculpture it isn’t hard to see where this conclusion has been drawn from. My thesis in college was called Art vs Craft and my aim was to show that through history certain art niches were considered craft and vice versa. I believe that millinery can be art as well as craft.

I “I love that I have created a niche with my fabric and no other milliner can do what i do”

Sarah O’ Rourke


''Milliner Sarah O' Rourke is set to enjoy further success this year thank to her brilliantly innovative designs.''
''A huge round of applause for Sarah O'Rourke! The creation of the fabric is stunning and Sarah's dedication to the process of creating the textile is clearly on display through this piece of art. I feel and see her dedication of the art form of millinery. The berries are scrumptious looking”
''Innovative Design and sublime craftsmanship, definitely my highlight from the Fashion Week Launch!''
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Lou Lou Vance
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