Award Winning Milliner Sarah O’ Rourke is the owner and head designer of Saraden Designs. It is an Irish Design company founded in 2016. Sarah began Saraden Designs with a vision of creating unique millinery pieces which really capture the eye of the audience.

The fabrics used to create these unique pieces have been handmade in-house by Sarah herself and is called Saraden Fabric. Once a sheet is created it cannot be replicated, making a Saraden Designs piece exclusive to its owner. It is often questioned how the fabrics are made but it is not something which will be divulged to the public. It has become Sarah’s niche and is what sets Saraden Designs apart from other milliners.

Meet Saraden Designs Owner and head designer Sarah O’ Rourke. Sarah has an extensive design background having received a degree in IADT Dun Laoghaire in Fine Art Sculpture. Sarah herself has said that this background has influenced how she makes her Millinery creations. Sarah firmly believes ‘there is a millinery design to suit everyone you just have to find the right creation to suit you’.

A woman needs ropes and ropes of Pearls - Coco Chanel

Wearable Art is a term which has been used to describe Sarah’s work and is a term which has been welcomed. With her background in Fine Art Sculpture it isn’t difficult to see where this term has been drawn from. Year to year it is evident in the designs that Sarah has become more experimental and confident in her work and is not afraid to take risks.

Saraden Designs - Circus

Sarah became apart of Fashion Revolution Week in 2019. It is an important event as it questions who made your clothes? Saraden cut off fabrics are reworked back into designs leaving no waste behind. Also with all pieces made in-house you can trace exactly who has made them.

On November 23rd 2019 Sarah’s work was recognised by her peers when Saraden Designs became the overall winner of Milliner of the Year 2019 in The Cointreau Histyle Awards in The Clayton Silver Springs Hotel Cork.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

You can see a list of Sarah’s design achievements here. If you would like to work with Sarah on a Collaboration or event you can email [email protected]