My 30th Birthday Accessories – Saraden Says

I have my 30th birthday coming up very shortly and I have been taking full advantage of the sales. The dress I am wearing I bought at Christmas time which I loved. As I only wore it the once I decided to wear it for my 30th so with the Continue Reading –

My new Glasses – Saraden Says

I woke up one morning just after New Years to find my glasses snapped in half. Im not 100% how I managed to snap them I going to say I probably rolled over on them during the night. I am completely blind so this was a huge disaster, plus I Continue Reading –

London Hat Week Preview Party – What I Wore

I really struggled with what I was going to wear to London Hat Week and I wasn’t going to write about it but I’ve had a lot of emails asking where I got my shoes and dress so I’ve decided to do a little blog post and tell you all what Continue Reading –

London Fashion Weekend – Trend Show

I had the best weekend of my life at London Fashion Weekend! Way back in February I was given a present of a trip to London Fashion Weekend by my BFF Stephen, fast forward to this weekend and we flew out to London for the event. On Saturday September 24th Continue Reading –

My Selection of Birthday Eyeshadow Palettes Take 1

So as some of you may have seen from my social media accounts it was my Birthday over the weekend and I was completely spoiled by my friends and family, especially with make up palettes. There is the most amazing little chemist beside me called Adrian Dunnes Pharmacy and it Continue Reading –