Bianca Gascoigne Cape Dress CBB Finale – Saraden Says

Who tuned into Celebrity Big Brothers finale on Friday night?? I did get sucked in this year and I really don’t know how Colleen was chosen as this years winner! However that is not what I am here to write about. This years winner in the fashion stakes for me Continue Reading –

London Fashion Weekend – Designer Show Sibling London – Saraden Says

So leaving off from the Trend Shows section we had about an hour to wait for the Designer Show to begin and much to our delight again we were second row. Honestly I didn’t know anything about Sibling London but after seeing the show and the designs I’m sold I’m Continue Reading –

Gucci’s Banned Ad

So we all read yesterday about Gucci having an ad banned by the Advertising Standards Agency due to the models being ‘unhealthily thin’. So let me set the seen the video consists of models dancing at a house party with rather lost expressions. The model who is in question shows Continue Reading –

Style Steal – Kylie Jenner

This look from Kylie Jenner has dominated the internet and to be honest I absolutely love it! I am not usually a fan of dungarees but these look fab and I have found some which look just like Kylie’s. Ok so it wasn’t very hard to search for black dungarees Continue Reading –

Gigi Hadid is the New Face of Topshop

Gigi Hadid has stolen Cara Delevingne‘s Topshop crown and has become the new face of Topshop! Gigi has lent her face to the brands Autumn 2015 Campaign. Gigi is joining singer Ciara who will make a debut in the ads which have yet to be released. Cara has stepped back Continue Reading –